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Please find below some interesting de-identified adverse events notified to SAEFVIC, as well as other educational articles written by SAEFVIC for the Victorian Department of Health Immunisation newsletter.

Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) – October 2017

Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episode: a case study – July 2017

Injection site reactions following booster doses of DTPa vaccines: an education article – April 2016

Varicella: a case study – August 2015

Influenza: a case study – April 2015

Pertussis: a case study – April 2015 

Giving simultaneous injections: a case study – December 2014

Measles: a case study – December 2014 

Injection site reaction: a case study – August 2014

A community drug error: a case study – February 2014

Delayed adverse events: a case study – December 2013

Vasovagal episode during immunisation: a case study – August 2013

Anaphylaxis following trivalent influenza vaccine: a case study – October 2012

Rubella: a case study – October 2012 

Tetanus: a case study – October 2012


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Date: February 2018
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