About MVEC

NigelCrawford@2xWelcome to the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre (MVEC), a web-based initiative, providing up-to-date immunisation information for healthcare professionals, parents and the public.

MVEC provides an online A to Z of immunisation references, addressing common queries about vaccines and promoting the benefits of immunisation for both children and adults.

Our education programs include the Clinical Vaccinology Update (CVU) and the Travel Vaccine Update (TVU). Both aim to create a face to face forum for health care professionals to come together and discuss all areas of immunisation.

Our MVEC smart phone Immunisation Schedule App, is a great tool in assisting health care providers when immunising patients.

The content of MVEC reflects a collaboration of information prepared by immunisation pediatricians and adult physicians, immunisation nurses, infectious disease specialists, allergy specialists and infection control teams. Information published on MVEC is reviewed regularly by MVEC staff for accuracy and updated accordingly. Our clinical services are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Immunisation Section. These funds also assist in the development of MVEC.

Associate Professor Nigel Crawford
Head of Immunisation Services, Department of General Medicine, The Royal Children’s Hospital
Consultant Paediatrician BMBS, FRACP, MPH, PhD
Director, SAEFVIC, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Honorary Principle Fellow, Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne